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Need assistance in planning your next vacation? No worries...TravelsWithKe is here to assist.                         

See how it works and get started today!

  • Submit your inquiry and  one-time, non-refundable planning and consultation fee (valid for 30 days):

    • up to 4 travelers $50​

    • 5-9 travelers $75

    • 10-15 travelers $150

    • 16+ travelers $300

    • Travel Concierge/Corporate $200

  • Schedule your consultation call. Available options are Phone/Facetime/Google/Zoom.  I will email you a TravelTribe Questionaire to be filled out PRIOR to your consultation appointment.

  • TravelsWithKe will begin researching and planning based on your request/availability. We will provide you with 2-3 options based on your preferences and information provided. 

  • Choose an available option, Pay Deposits & Fees; REVIEW and DOCUSIGN all booking terms & conditions.  

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